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I created this Wikispace to better assist students and parents at home. I have a separate page for every unit listed below and on the right of your screen (on most laptops/desktops). Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with any questions or concerns:

Mrs. Coelho: Ashleigh.Coelho@gmail.com
  • Quizlet username: AshCoelho
  • Kahoot username: ACoelho

Science Units:

Comm. Scientifically Unit

Matter Unit

Forces & Energy Unit

Space Unit

Earth Science Unit

Life Science Unit

STAAR Science Review

General Science Websites/Documents:

"Science In The News":

  • Are you looking for a chance to go above and beyond in science?!? We would love to hear about what you know! Any time you can make a connection between what we are learning and something in real life.... Are you watching a tv show about animals? Helping your parents measure and cook? Look around outside--what do you see? weather?plants?machines?a dead leaf? These are all examples of "Science in the News"! All you have to do is write it down! I need three sentences that describe: what it is, how it relates to science, and how it relates to what we are learning in school. You will be able to share in front of the class and we will post your discoveries on the wall :)